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Hi, I'm Jay and This Is Your Chance To Finally Own My Most Treasured Collection Of Cheat Sheets, Shortcuts, Business Reports, Checklists, Systems, And More, Spanning Back Decades And That Have Already Helped REAL Businesses See REAL Results - Including my own!

I know what you're thinking. You've heard it all before, right? But that's where you'd be wrong. You see, whereas other companies may opt for thinly-veiled promises they simply can't keep, we instead choose to offer the methods AND evidence behind our marketing success.

And all you need to do to get your hands on these foolproof techniques FOR LIFE is to subscribe. That's it. No hidden charges. No cancellation fees. No Recurring Costs. Just a one time investment in your future freedom that grants you "Access All Areas" privileges, packed with value.S

So, what exactly are you going to find in this "Cave of Wonders?"


Step By Step

A seven module plan designed to teach you exactly how to build an UNSTOPPABLE online business, making use of the very same techniques that made McDonald's and Starbucks so successful.



An eight module plan especially to show you how easy it can be to make four figures online - just like that - in as few as FIVE simple and easy to replicate steps.



Exclusive access to Subscriber only videos, interviews, guidance and your very own CEO access to a subscriber only section of the forum. We will share Behind the Scenes Commentary as we experiment and build businesses from scratch as examples.



You will have behind the scenes access to pages in our community that will feature exclusive offers and in-depth conversations.



Importantly, our modules are actionable walk throughs but better still, over time we will show you first hand how to project manage ventures, giving you insight into the processes we go through.



The Life of an Entrepreneur is more than just 'doing'. A core principle of all that goes on in our CEO package is in giving you the tools to really transition your life into one that attracts success. Learn how to adjust your mindset, learn how to adjust your life. We Show You How.

Done Waiting? Ready to Change your Trajectory?

What Other Benefits are there?

  • Lifetime Membership.

    No price rises, no renewals

    This isn't just an opportunity to learn a skill, but to go on a journey. This isn't a one-off purchase, it is an investement. You will have lifelong acccess to all current tutorials, and any future content that will be added to the learning environment!


  • Proven Knowledge

    We Walk the Walk.

    At Kickzer, we have walked the hard yards. We have a background in commercial and technical management, eventually flourishing into Entrepreneurism. The experiences we have will be in the forum and content. We continually experiment and develop new niches and businesses - some of which you will get full behind the scenes seats to. We have a wide network of influencers and entrepreneurs who we will invite to discussions and invterview for the benefit of all.

  • Leading by Example

    Stacked Full of Content!

    We are so passionate about giving back some of the knowledge we have gained. We will continuously add usefull, POWERFUL content that you can pick up and tweak straight away. From Resume and Proposal templates, to Step-by-Step advice on creating business plans, to our experiences of managing teams. We have worked in corporate and stand alone environments, on packages of over a BILLION dollars and to our own companies turning over several hundreds of thousands in a couple of short months.

  • Our Pledge

    We Will Help You Grow.

    Our Commitment to all of our Insiders and (Committed Execution Officers!) is that we will continue to grow with you. In Life and in Business, the journey does not simply end, it continuously grows.

Done Waiting? Ready to Change your Trajectory?



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  • Amazing, I just wanted to say that this has been the missing peice of power in my arsenal! I feel confident and am enjoying the growing content Library! Eric McAllister - Sydney, Australia

  • Really enjoying the course, it's a lot of information but I just keep revisiting it.. Launched a new level in my yoga biz, I cant wait to see what comes next. Jess O'Byrne - Leicester, UK

  • Great Content, practical and am really buzzing about the new forum Andrew Lauchlan - New Jersey, USA

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